30 Days of Night (2007) — not seen yet

Some vampires get a bright idea: wouldn’t it be nice to live above the arctic circle in winter, so the sun never comes up?

Given how played out vampires are, I guess congratulations are due for finding a variation that nobody else had done yet. And kudos also for not making them romantic angsty brooders. But still, it all just comes down to the same old same old. Seriously, it’s past time for a moratorium on all things vampiric in popular media. Come back in twenty years and see if there’s anything left to say then that’s worth taking any time and effort to explore.

(Zombies, you’re next.)

Oh, and we have to deduct kudos for whitewashing the protagonist, and for that matter the entire town of Barrow, which in real life is 60% Inuit and only 16% white.