Cape Jeer is a review site for movies about superheroes and other comic book characters. Below is a list of the movies that constitute the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ordered by the year the movie came out. To see all films reviewed on this site, rather than just those in the Marvel continuity, select one of the links on the left.

Index of Marvel® Cinematic Universe movies by Release Date
  Captain America: Civil War
  Doctor Strange
Half a tent Half a balding head CapeCapeHalf a cape Ant-Man
  Avengers: Age of Ultron
  Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  Guardians of the Galaxy
Tent Half a balding head CapeCapeCape Iron Man 3
Tent CapeCapeHalf a cape Thor: The Dark World
Half a balding head CapeCapeCapeHalf a cape The Avengers
Half a tent Half a wrecking ball Half a balding head CapeCapeCape Captain America: The First Avenger
Half a tent CapeCapeCapeHalf a cape Thor
TentHalf a tent CapeCape Iron Man 2
Tent Half a balding head CapeCape The Incredible Hulk
Tent Half a balding head CapeCapeCapeHalf a cape Iron Man