Bests and Worsts

Best Director Worst Director
Ang Lee — Hulk Pitof — Catwoman
Best Actor Worst Actor
Robert Downey Jr. — Iron Man Pamela Anderson Lee — Barb Wire
Best Bad Actor Worst Waste of Good Actor
Tanya Roberts — Sheena Faye Dunaway — Supergirl
Coolest Badass Hero Lamest Badass Hero
Hugh Jackman — X-Men and sequels Seann William Scott — Bulletproof Monk
Best Super-Power Fight Best Normal Human Fight
The Avengers The Punisher (2004)
Most Underrated Film Most Overrated Film
Steel Batman (1989)
Best Series Least Justified Sequel
the X-Men (original trilogy) Timecop
Best Score Worst Score
Superman: The Movie Supersonic Man (English dub)
Special Recognition for Multiple Unrelated Major Roles
and Chris Evans — The Fantastic Four and sequel, Push, Captain America: The First Avenger and sequels, and an Evil Ex in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
runners-up: Jennifer Connelly — Hulk, Dark City, The Rocketeer
Michael B. Jordan — Chronicle, Fant4stic, Black Panther
and the late Michael Clarke Duncan — Daredevil, Sin City, Green Lantern
Mister Comic Book Movie (Most Film Credits)
composer Danny Elfman — Hulk, Hellboy II, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Dick Tracy, Wanted, Spider-Man and sequels, Batman (1989) and sequels, Darkman and sequels, Men In Black and sequels... not to mention The Flash TV series (1990)
...but he’s hardly Mister Comic Book Movie if you count Stan Lee cameos, which are in thirteen Marvel Studios films, five Spider-Man films, four out of nine X-Men films (counting Deadpool), two out of three Fantastic Four films, two earlier Hulk films (one being a Bill Bixby TV movie), one Daredevil, one Big Hero 6 (voice), and numerous TV shows, nontheatrical animated films, and video games.