Chronicle  (2012)   — not seen yet

Handheld-camera movies with moderate budgets have gotten to be all the rage now, since Cloverfield moved the idea from the indie scene to the mainstream, and [REC] and the like have shown they can be profitable on a regular basis. Especially since that kind of budget can now buy some pretty convincing digital effects.

We have such a film here, in which three high school students gain superpowers, one of whom has taken to videotaping everything he does. And one of the students... well, he becomes something other than heroic in using the powers, leaving the other two with a problem.

From what Ive heard so far, this sounds like its much more than the usual Wow, I can           story. It sounds like the kind of movie that puts its effort into a well considered story instead of into noise and spectacle. In fact, based on early word of mouth, Im really looking forward to seeing this.