Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)R — not seen yet

Ugh, our friend Mark Millar — the guy behind the bad parts of Wanted and Kick-Ass — is back. And he’s reuniting with Matthew Vaughn, the director of the latter film. It appears that this time, instead of deconstructing superhero tropes, this time they’re riffing on James Bondian superspy tropes. This movie may not be taking itself very seriously. In fact, I honestly can’t tell, from what I’ve seen so far, whether this is meant as a comedy or not. I’m kind of getting the impression that if it isn’t, it should have been. Apparently this story also riffs on British upper-class gentility, and its traditional association with spy stuff — Millar’s story is about the recruitment of a poor kid into the elite circle, so it’s also a slobs-vs-snobs tale.

It would probably be pretty easy to justify ruling that this falls outside the scope of Cape Jeer, but now it’s got me curious.

Apparently the violence is rather extreme, as it was in Kick-Ass. Whatever my problems with that film, Vaughn certainly did some cool stuff in it, so I suspect that this will be at least partially worth seeing.